Our Mission

The SSSH is dedicated to train and develop the health care professionals’ career through medical simulation training and based on high quality scientific researches to assure patients safety.

Saudi Simulation Society

Our Vision

The SSSH is devoted to enhance simulation-based education and to promote scientific research in all health professions with due regard.
To be the center of excellence for Simulation-based medical education in the region.

Saudi Simulation Society

About Us

The Saudi Society for Simulation in Healthcare (SSSH) was established and formed in 2018 by health care professionals interested in simulation as a teaching tool for education, and to promote training and research in health care and patient safety.

The SSSH aims to promote Simulation based education to assist, develop, and improve the quality of care and patient safety among all health care practitioners by enhancing communication skills, training, performance, and practice.

The SSSH also encourages scientific collaboration with other professional societies and health care practitioners to improve and enhance the academic and clinical teaching and learning methods based on simulation to develop the health professions.

Saudi Simulation Society

Our Goals 

  • Patient Safety centered during medical simulation training by setting strict (regulatory) standards for practitioners, centers, and curriculums in cooperation with the legal authority.
  • Developing and enhancing Simulation-based Medical Education all over KSA.
  • Developing scientific thoughts to improve Patients’ health services using medical simulation among all health care providers.
  • Improving health care practitioners’’ efficiency by imitating the reality of the field of practice to achieve the objectives and expertise in such specialization.
  • Encouraging health care practitioners’ to contribute and utilize the simulation technology to support education and training all over KSA.
  • Empowering the relation between Patients and health care practitioners with emphasizing on patients’ rights.
  • Supporting motivating work-environment for innovation and productivity among all health care professions.
  • Achieving research-based consultations by conducting scientific researches based on international standards.
  • Enabling Simulation-based- Scientific publication exchange, between interested centers and institutes in the field, inside and outside of KSA.
  • Building an effective way of communication among the society members by conducting lectures, workshops, conferences, and seminars that attract international leaders in the field for continuations development purposes.
  • Acquiring outstanding experiences in the field of medical simulation, and to be a creative and productive society to spread the knowledge and services in the field worldwide to support and serve the

Saudi Simulation Society